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Nobel’s sewer applications for infrastructure inspection and asset management brings inspection data and CCTV statics to a geographic information system (GIS) to help public utilities and municipalities manage vital infrastructure, streamline workflows, dispatch field crews, and view analytical information in real time.

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Sewer Line Cleaning


To maintain sewer lines, the El Toro Water District regularly cleans them to minimize potential overflows. All mains require cleaning, certain mains need it more than others due to root growth, pipe damage, or unusual obstacles’ (blockage). ETWD personnel utilizes Nobel’s sewer line cleaning and CCTV applications stay on schedule and, at the same time, collect critical data related to problem mains, which need to be cleaned more frequently. Information collected in the field is uploaded and accessible by supervisors and managers in real-time through Nobel’s Single Platform Software (SPS) GeoViewer.


According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are over 40,000 sanitary sewer overflows per year with 48% of overflows directly related to sewer main blockages. According to the EPA approximately 47% of blockages are related to the improper disposal of Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) into the sewer system. To minimize the impact on the environment and to help agencies manage overflows, Nobel Systems has developed a suite of dynamic applications to simplify governmental regulatory and compliance reporting, manage operation workflows, and assets.

Since FOG inspections are mandated by local, state, and federal government agencies, inspection and maintenance reports need to be filed with the appropriate authority. Manual reporting is labor intensive and costly. Nobel’s, cloud-based solutions can greatly enhance the reporting process by automatically generating and sending reports.

Integrated Work Orders

Intuitive Field Applications

Automated Compliance Reporting

On-the-fly Results and Analytics

Third Party Project Verification (Quality/Timestamp)



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